J. N. Adams is an Award Winning Member (consistently in the top 10) of Top Echelon Network and Inter-City Personnel Associates (IPA). They are Networks of over 500 nationwide executive search firms who provide additional independent resources for our recruitment efforts.

J. N. Adams & Associates, Inc. is an Executive Placement Firm specializing in the nationwide recruitment of top professionals: QUALITY, MANUFACTURING, AND ENGINEERING.

In 1977, J. N. Adams & Associates, Inc. was established by Eric Berg, a former human resource manager of a Fortune 500 firm, who is experienced in sophisticated recruitment practices and who understands the viewpoints of all parties to the placement process: the candidate, the staff recruiter, and the line manager.

Today, J. N. Adams & Associates, Inc., utilizes its network of nationwide contacts to place its experienced clients into the most sought-after positions in firms throughout the country.

During the past decades, J. N. Adams & Associates, Inc. has been nationally recognized for our success, integrity, efficiency, and depth of resources in the leading industries in Metals, Plastics, Electronics, Medical Devices, Consumer Products, and Automotive and Other Manufactured Parts.

J. N. Adams & Associates, Inc., conducts all placements in strict confidence and on a company-fee-paid basis.

J. N. ADAMS & ASSOCIATES, INC. knows how to
find the best candidates and the best jobs,
and we know how to put them together!